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Grandma’s Bid

January 27, 2009


     I have some super sad news to recount. I know this is a safe place to write about it because my grandma doesn’t have a computer and is scared of the internet.

I was at grandma’s house 2 weeks ago and I brought my smaller keyboard with me. It’s a Yamaha 61-key piece of fun.

I’m a musician, Di. Of course I have more than one keyboard. Don’t worry. My full-size was still safe at home. 

So, grandma lives alone in a senior community and she doesn’t really socialize with her neighbors much. She has dropped most hobbies and was beginning to worry me. It seemed she was throwing in the towel on life which made me upset on numerous levels. So I told her I’d comet over and we could jam a little. Then, if she liked it, she could keep the keys for as long as she liked. She used to play when she was younger. She even told me that on her honeymoon, at a hotel in Hawaii, she played Claire du Lune from front to back by ear for a crowd of people!  I wanted her to rekindle that love of music. And it worked! She was gaga over having the instrument in her house. We jammed for a couple of hours. Some tears were shed, some laughs were had, but mostly, it was just awesome. Just all around.

Of course, grandma is very particular that everything in her house…and life, have its place so this bulky keyboard, albeit mid-sized, was not going to fly. She said that no matter how much she liked it, it was too big and her cleaning lady would have to squeeze around it because she’s “chunky.”

I set out on a journey through the land of ebay to hunt and gather a 49-key version of this jewel. And I did! It was perfect. Perfect size, perfect function. This was it. I was SO excited when it finally arrived at my house.

There was some jostling around inside the package which I figured was the power adapter. I cut open the box in anticipation…and found…

a keyboard…

and a pile of 15 shards of plastic where the keyboard had been shattered!














Grandma's Bid!

Grandma's Bid!




I still have not told her. It was supposed to be a surprise but now I guess I’ll need to find a new one and spare her the dream crushing truth…that she could have had THIS one but it was used as a step stool for an elephant.

It’s ok. She’ll be none the wiser. I’m currently taking it up with the store from which I bought the item. They’ll yell at ups for being so rowdy and apparently crushing grandma’s bid with a hammer.

And before you know it, Di, she’ll be rocking out and she’ll be the talk of the town. And all of those neighbors will be begging to hang out with MY GRANDMA.


With an awkwardly long hug,