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One Night Only – Fri May 15

April 21, 2009




     I’m so excited about this show I have coming up. It’s the one where I get back to my musical theater roots and perform in a blackbox theater. 


Soooooort of like this one. But not exactly.

Soooooort of like this one. But not exactly.



No, Di. I’m not doing songs from musicals (unfortunately). And I know… You’re not the only person who doesn’t know what a blackbox is, I’ve learned. So let me explain it to you. It’s maybe the single most fantastic blank palette a girl could ever ask for! A room that can be transformed for any type of performance that can fit inside those four black walls. A small theater in the (semi) round.  The one you see up there is just a pic I collected from Google Images. Not the real place. But you get the gist. 


At this show, I get to fully realize all the musical ideas I’ve had for the past 2 years. I’m bringing in some of my musician pals to play all sorts of wonderful things like strings, horns, and more. And they are going to make my EP come to life. Well, my EP plus a few more songs I’ve been cooking up. 

But that’s not where the awesomeness ends, Di. So stop trying to interrupt…

At 8pm, my friend Kate McKinnon is opening the night with her one-woman show called Best Actress. She is ridiculously talented and hilarious. I’m so pleased to have her be a part of it, Di. I’m pleased as punch. She’s got some sweet credits like being a part of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and a cast member on LOGO’s Big Gay Sketch Show. On top of  that, she’s a thoroughly enjoyable princess of a young lady.


This is Kate McKinnon.

This is Kate McKinnon.

Di, I think this blog is going to have lots of vids and pics. It can’t be helped. So don’t start complaining to me about clutter.


We’ve done a short series of promo vids in honor of the event. You can see the first one right here. 

And the second…


Oh come oooon, Di… You you still don’t get it?  Ok, here’s a recap:

A night of sketch comedy and live music

Friday May 15, 2009

One Night Only:

Joanna Burns with Special Guest Comedian Kate McKinnon

Doors at 7:30pm

Located at the George Street Playhouse

9 Livingston Ave.

New Brunswick, NJ 08901


I’ll see you there, Di. You should wear that red dress you wore to your sister’s bachelorette party. It made you look very modern.


With a firm handshake and a wink,


Dear New York, I Hate You

April 20, 2009

Dear Diary,

As of the moment, I hate the city of New York. I don’t hate the people. They’re fine. The location is fine. The stuff they have is fine too, I guess. But do you know what I hate? Money-hungry laws. For instance:

I was parked on Allen Street in the village near Rockwood Music Hall where I played a few weeks ago. I got one choice spot too! Right in front. As per usual, a few friends and I took a stroll around the corner to Ludlow after the show and snagged some breakthtakingly delicious crepes at the Creperie. When we returned to my vehicle, it had a ticket on the windshield. I was struck speechless with rage. Apparently street cleaning hours had begun 25 minutes  prior. Now I don’t know if anyone had actually attempted to clean the street during that exact time frame but I guess they just wanted the option. 

I had been parked there for over 3 hours and the last 25 minutes were the only ones that counted. The biggest kick was that if we had just gone home after the show had ended and not stopped for a snack, I would be $65 richer. That was the most expensive crepe I have ever eaten in my entire life.


I paid my ticket online today. I will reveal to you the fact that I was shouting to the heavens even as I did this 3 weeks after said offense. I shouted sarcastic remarks about the city of New York being so poor and me being so rich and how they could use this money much more than I could. 

To add insult to injury, as I attempted to “check out” (of a store in which there are no actual products), I incurred a $2 convenience charge for paying my ticket online. But you know what? They’re right. It was so convenient. So convenient to turn over my hard-earned money to the man in the sky and have him tell me, “Wasn’t this easy? How’s about 2 more bucks.”

Backtracking, I shouldn’t say that I checked out of a store in which there were no products. Because there were. I paid $65 ($67)  and they gave me self- pity, unfocused rage,  and a set of prematurely worn-down molars. I walked away with a package deal!

So I should really have titled this blog:

Dear New York, Thank YOU!


Getting over it,