A Dance With the Devil

Dear Diary,

     Have you ever seen Supersize Me?


The poster for Supersize Me.

The poster for Supersize Me.

Yeah. That movie that came out about 6 years ago where the guy runs a sort of experiment on himself wherein he consumes nothing but McDonald’s products for a full year. And he charts the changes it makes to his body.

So being an impressionable loser, I vowed never to eat McDonald’s food again… and hadn’t for the last 6 years…until last Saturday.


The McDonald's logo.

The McDonald's logo.


That’s when I had a voluntary relapse. Yes, Di. I said “voluntary.” That would mean that I was fully aware of what I was doing. Of my own, free will, I took a trip down to the nearest establishment, and ordered a #14. That’s a fish sandwich with fries and a drink. 

As I walked in, I couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone in the place knew each other and that I was the out-of-towner even though I was technically in the town where I live.

So while I broke the 6-year streak of no McDonald’s, I was pleased to find that it no longer had the seductive effect on me that it once did. I was not drawn to it. I did not need it, and when I finished my strange, albeit tasty meal, I never wanted to go back. At least not for another 6 years.

I should say though, Di, that it did bring back some childhood memories. I remembered going there with my brother and my dad buying us lunch on a Saturday.

The Burns family.

The Burns family.

That’s how they getcha! Or so I saw in Supersize me. They start you young.

But I think what I realized most, Di, was that McDonald’s is not the devil. It’s just a burger joint. 

And while it does possess a certain amount of power, like the Sphinx


The Sphinx.

The Sphinx.


                                  or Oprah,





there’s a lot more to life than quietly protesting fast food. 

One thing I do know is that I can’t wait to eat another fish sandwich in 2014!

With Love and Hugs That Last a Little Too Long,


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